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Put on a lizard and go for an adventure! · By rainwarrior


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Recent updates

DOS version updated with sound fix.
After some feedback from a player of the DOS version it appears that the sound did not work correctly on some versions of SoundBlaster card. Version 4202/4203 s...
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My lizard is the Lizard of DOS (also: Br-Portugese, German)
For those of you with a very old PC at home, Lizard is now available for DOS! At a bare minimum this version requires a 386 with 4MB of RAM, but it would probab...
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My lizard is the Lizard of Source
I have released the full source code for Lizard! For anyone who already owns the game, there is a new ZIP file available here. There is also a more limited demo...
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My lizard is the Lizard of Demo
A new demo of Lizard is now available as a free download! This replaces the old alpha prototype demo that was made several years ago, and is a much better repre...
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My lizard is the Lizard of Steam
Lizard has just been released on Steam! If you purchased Lizard earlier, you should now be able to request a St...
Mon lézard est le Lézard du Français
Thanks to the effort of François Gingras, Lizard has received its first translation! The packages have been updated to contain his French translation of Lizard...
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Lizard Release
The beta test period has ended, and the finished version of Lizard is now released and available. NES cartridges will be available for sale soon.
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