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I had a lot of fun playing this with my SNES mouse. I wish there were more games for the NES that would support it, maybe someone can modify the old point and click adventure games on Nintendo to utilize it

I haven't played this yet but it looks cool!


Great game. I believe I found the end of the world :D


Not many games have hotseat multiplayer, so I appreciate that you included it! Here's some custom box art I made using the game art:


I love this game! What mapper does it use?

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Mapper 2 (UNROM) but it can run on mapper 0 (NROM) as long as there's CHR-RAM support.

Thank you!


This is probably the coolest indie game made so far for the NES.

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Nicely done! I made it to level 116 before quitting. Gameplay seems solid, and I liked the weather effects and the Atari aesthetics (although I know it's an NES game.)

 Is this procedurally generated? And any plans for expanding the concept? Like lives, etc.


Yes, it's procedurally generated. No there are no plans to expand the game, I am happy with its current form. It is open source, however, if you are interested in tinkering with it yourself.

ah cool! Nice. Thanks!