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NESert Golfing is an NES game heavily inspired by Desert Golfing.

Can be played with the SNES Mouse, if you know how to connect one to an NES. Otherwise the regular controllers work too, and for the party animals who don't like to share a controller 4-player adapters are supported as well. Famicom works too.

For 1 to 4 players.

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Source code: GitHub Repository

Cover art by Kat Fedorko.

Install instructions

Run this game in an NES emulator, or on an NES. Or don't. It's fine. Sometimes just the idea of a game is enough. You don't really have to play it.




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Nicely done! I made it to level 116 before quitting. Gameplay seems solid, and I liked the weather effects and the Atari aesthetics (although I know it's an NES game.)

 Is this procedurally generated? And any plans for expanding the concept? Like lives, etc.


Yes, it's procedurally generated. No there are no plans to expand the game, I am happy with its current form. It is open source, however, if you are interested in tinkering with it yourself.

ah cool! Nice. Thanks!